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Trusted Business Strategy Consulting

Carbon-Neutral Consulting has guided businesses through the global energy transition, offering expertise in hydrogen-rich fuels, transportation electrification, and regulatory policy. 

Our seasoned principals bring a business-oriented perspective to the evolving energy landscape, ensuring informed investments and impactful strategies.

Our Ammonia Expertise

Navigating the Energy Transition with Our Ammonia Industry Consulting Solutions

Strategy Development

We offer business strategy consulting services to clients looking for solutions that can maximize growth and create value in traditional and emerging ammonia markets.

Leveraging our extensive expertise in financial modeling, we provide clients with valuable tools and insights to sharpen their financial perspective on opportunities.

We offer clients valuable insights into the factors influencing traditional and emerging ammonia markets, including demand, supply, logistics, and pricing dynamics.

With our distinctive insights into technological advancements within the ammonia industry, we offer guidance to technology developers and those assessing technologies for business integration.

We help our clients navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by governmental regulations, policies, and incentives, and closely monitor new developments that can “change the game” in national and regional markets.

Ensures seamless integration across a variety of parties and objectives for your latest project.

Leveraging our extensive network of investors, producers, developers, technology providers, and offtakers, we assist clients in forging valuable relationships and identifying ideal partners, funders, and service providers.

We help investors conduct due diligence on companies in the ammonia space to reduce risk and maximize financial returns.

We offer a variety of customized services, tailoring each engagement to meet our clients’ unique interests and requirements.

Our Recent Ammonia Projects

We are conversant with the advancing frontiers of science, engineering, and regulatory policy, but view the energy landscape primarily as businesspeople. The result is an ability to marshal an integrated picture that can support rewarding investment and effective action.


CNC assisted in the scoping of a greenfield $10 billion world-scale green ammonia plant, helping to coordinate participating stakeholders, identifying and engaging with potential offtakers, and developing a comprehensive financial model for the project. The project scoping exercise led to a favorable outcome in the competition for governmental land concessions.


CNC generated market intelligence on the emerging demand, supply, and pricing dynamics of low-carbon ammonia for a leading private equity firm that was evaluating a lead investment opportunity in a clean energy business. At the conclusion of the project, the client proceeded with a multi-billion-dollar investment in the business.


CNC was retained by one of the world’s largest information and communications technology companies to develop strategies – and identify strategic partners – for their expansion into new markets, including into clean energy, synthetic biology, and agricultural biologicals. The work led to the establishment of technology-development partnerships with cutting-edge players in these fields.

Who We Work With

At Carbon-Neutral Consulting, we collaborate with a diverse range of partners and clients, each with unique needs and goals, offering a window into our successful projects and satisfied customers. See some of our clients below and discover the transformative impact of our sustainable solutions.


We provide strategic guidance and insights to investment firms, empowering them to make informed decisions and maximize returns in the ever-evolving ammonia industry.


Our financial modeling expertise and business strategy consulting are tailored to support technology developers and producers in the hydrogen and ammonia sectors, helping them navigate complex markets and drive innovation.


We've worked closely with offtakers across the ammonia ecosystem from traditional users to new energy applications facilitating vetted relationships with leading ammonia producers

Why Choose Carbon-Neutral Consulting

Carbon-Neutral Consulting collaborates with clients and partners worldwide, providing personalized consulting solutions designed to meet their exact requirements.

Our client base spans from start-ups to the largest multinational corporations. 

As a company, we prioritize client interests, and we take pride in the high rate at which our clients return for repeat engagements.

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