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Carbon-Neutral Consulting is a business strategy consulting firm with deep expertise in the global energy transition. Our consultants are thought leaders in the fields of hydrogen, ammonia, renewable energy, and clean transportation.

We help our clients navigate opportunities and challenges presented by the global energy transition, allowing them to achieve enhanced strategic positioning, more vibrant options, and brighter long-term prospects.

About Us

We are Carbon-Neutral Consulting, a seasoned voice in the energy transition with deep roots in workable responses to climate change. We focus on the business side of things, providing leading business strategy consulting services related to ammonia, hydrogen, renewable energy, and transportation electrification. Our projects lead to enhanced strategic positioning, more vibrant options, and brighter long-term prospects for our clients.

Our consultants are based in the United States and work on the frontiers of science, engineering, investment, and regulation internationally. Our clients are based across North America, Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia, and range from some of the world’s largest multinationals to some of the world’s newest and most exciting start-ups. We work with leading investment firms, clean energy developers, hydrogen and ammonia producers, transportation companies, and technology companies, to name a few.

Our work often involves financial modeling, business strategy advisory, pre-feasibility studies, investment due diligence, regulation and policy analysis, stakeholder engagement, technical analysis, and market analysis (covering supply, demand, logistics, and pricing), although these are just some of the many areas where we assist clients.

Industry Focus Areas

We are conversant with the advancing frontiers of science, engineering, and regulatory policy, but view the energy landscape primarily as businesspeople. The result is an ability to marshal an integrated picture that can support rewarding investment and effective action.


We guide organizations participating in both historical and new markets for ammonia toward sustainable, high growth futures. Our principals were among the first to explore ammonia’s potential as an energy vector, and have intimate familiarity with the challenges investors, producers, vendors, offtakers, and transporters of ammonia face.


We understand the gamut of hydrogen-energy technologies along the entire value chain from feedstocks to end usage. Our policy, market, technical, and economic knowledge inform our work with producers, offtakers, and associated parties in hydrogen projects.

Renewable Energy

We have multi-faceted experience in incorporating renewable generation assets such as solar, wind, battery, and mechanical energy storage into EV, hydrogen, smart grid, and microgrid projects.

Transportation Electrification

Electric fleets and vehicle-grid integration have been on the horizon for over a decade and now the federal government, utilities, states, counties, and schools have begun to incentivize their adoption. We have had the occasion to dive deep into the emerging possibilities of bidirectional charging, commonly referred to as V2G, V2X, or VGI, wherein electric vehicle batteries provide support for the electricity system.


Carbon-Neutral Consulting provides consulting services in the field of decarbonization and alternative energy generation, helping clients with business ventures and project development primarily related to low-carbon fuels, renewable energy, and transportation electrification.

Although the consulting and advisory services we provide most often focus on the energy transition, they are not limited to this area. The company also provides general business strategy and business management consulting and advisory services across sectors, although always underpinned by our commitment to sustainability.

We’re proud to work with a range of stakeholders including industrial producers, developers, technology manufacturers, start-ups, multinational corporations, utilities, and government organizations.

Each of our consulting services are tailored to realize long-term impact and sustainable growth.

Strategy Development

We offer business strategy consulting services to clients looking for solutions that can maximize growth and create value in traditional and emerging markets.

Financial Modelling

Leveraging our extensive expertise in financial modeling, we provide clients with valuable tools and insights to sharpen their financial perspective on opportunities

Market Analysis

We offer clients valuable insights into the factors influencing traditional and emerging markets, including demand, supply, logistics, and pricing dynamics.

Due Diligence & Investment

We help investors determine the long-term prospects of clean energy investments by revealing the implied risks and financial outcome scenarios

Technological Assessments

With our distinctive insights into technological advancements within the energy transition, we offer guidance to technology developers and those assessing technologies for business integration.

Partnership Development

Our deep roots in the energy transition allow for the identification and facilitation of mutually beneficial relationships between partners, investors, and service providers.

Regulatory and Policy

We help our clients navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by governmental regulations, policies, and incentives, and closely monitor new developments that can “change the game” in national and regional markets.

Project Management

Ensures seamless integration across a variety of parties and objectives for your latest project.

Customized Services

We offer a variety of customized services, tailoring each engagement to meet our clients’ unique interests and requirements.

Firm Leadership

Stephan Crolius

Stephen H. Crolius

                      Principal                    President and co-founder

President Emeritus, Ammonia Energy

25 years of business strategy experience at The Boston Consulting Group and other firms

Program leader at the William J. Clinton Foundation’s Climate Initiative

Trevor Stephan

Trevor Brown

                      Principal                        Executive Vice President and co-founder

Ammonia Industry Publisher

15 years of experience in clean tech
business development, publishing, and theater production

Executive Director, Ammonia Energy

Dayne Morkel

Dayne L. Morkel, Ph.D.


Investment banking experience at Morgan Stanley in New York, London, and Hong Kong

Adjunct Professor of Finance at Syracuse University in New York

Ten years experience in company
leadership and Board Director roles

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